Internet Safety/Copyright

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How do I research without wasting time?

  The Big 3 for K-2
  •  provides research tips for K-2
The Big 6 for Kids
  • provides research tips for different age Levels K-2, 3-6,and 7-12
Cyber Bee
Research Steps Explained
  • demonstrates the Big 6 Information access
  • terrific for grades 2-5
  • models the research process while researching racoons
  • encourages inquiry
Interactive Boolean Search Chart  
  •   run your cursor over the chart to undersatnd how each search tip works

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How do I remain safe from mean people on the Internet?

NetSmartz Kidz
  • kid friendly
  • teaches Internet safety
  • explains how the Internet works
NetSmartz Videos
  • kids and parents explore this page together
iKeep Safe
  • Wonderful video starring McGruff the crime dog and his new friend, Faux Paw
  • Terrific parental information
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What is copyright?

Cyber Bee Copyright
  • Choose a copyright question and click on a child
  • The answer to the copyright question will pop-up
Copyright Kids
  • answers to many copyright questions
  • Hints on how to register a work
  • created by the Copyright Society of the U.S.A.
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